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Our Home Loans

Is the sheer number of home loan types confusing you? Chances you’ve stumbled across way too much mortgage jargon which would complicate what normal would be a simple decision.

We offer home loans to suit your needs. At Proximity Financial we cater for home loans. Loans can be for a home you want to live in or one you want to rent out. Loans giving you flexibility, certainty or the best of both. We even have loans that will help you own your home sooner.

By working with us here at Proximity Financial, all of this jargon can and will be simplified and we can compare and contrast the many different home loan products from our panel of lenders to find the best mortgage for you.

What Home Loan Types are Available?

You will discover that every lender has their own name for each of their home loans. Don’t be frightened though because in reality there are only a handful of different loan types which you will choose from, they are:

Please enquire online or call us on 1300 856 846 if you would like to talk with our mortgage broker who can give you expert advice on home loan products.